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Disadvantages of Cakes & Pastries

Updated: Mar 13

- increased fat in the abdomen and hips
- boost cholesterol
- risk of developing diabetes
- obstruction in weight loss
- Possibility of pimples on the face
- increase in triglycerides

It may Increase Your Risk of Heart Disease.

It Has Been Linked to Acne.

Eating cake daily Increases Your Risk of Type 2 Diabetes.

It may Increase Your Risk of Cancer.

It may Increase Your Risk of Depression.

It may accelerate the Skin Aging Process. It can Cause Weight Gain. The popular dessert of all time is the cake. But are you aware of the dangers and side effects associated with it? Cakes can satisfy your taste buds and make you hope the latter, you should be aware that these rich dessert calories are perfectly capable of having devastating effects on your health that rise to diabetes and obesity, as well as other conditions that could affect the proper functioning of your body. The trail to learn about the various side effects caused by the consumption of this sweet pleasure. The side effects of eating the cake: The desserts are very rich in carbohydrates and fats so that they can make you gain weight. Cake sugars can increase their level of glucose in the blood and therefore can become diabetic for a long period.

Cakes with chocolate and nuts are rich in serotonin, so they can make you feel excited and happy. Cake’s psychological impact is undesirable because serotonin is stimulated by an external source. Margarine or butter that is used in cakes can increase levels of cholesterol in the blood. Marijuana (cannabis) in cakes psychoactive space can cause side effects, such as the lifting of mood, anxiety, excitement, etc. Velvet cupcakes dyes used for coloring can cause digestive problems, and even they may be allergic to some people.

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