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Weight loss diet

Managing your weight within a healthy range can reduce your risk of developing health conditions. Obesity is associated with conditions such as type 2 diabetes, heart disease and certain cancers. We provide detox diet for weight loss under by Gujarat’s only Detox Diet Expert Dr. Sunny Gupta.


In PCOD,  The disorder is fairly common and has no exact cure. But several women who have suffered from it claim to have cured it with lifestyle changes and alternative medicines.
Most PCOD patients are overweight and are suggested to exercise daily, which may help control their weight and other symptoms as well. Get your diet from Dr Sunny Gupta for weight loss.

Sliced Avocado
Healthy Sandwiches

Diabetes Diet

Dr Sunny Gupta is a detox Expert who help his client to loose weight by detox diet which removes all toxins from body which helps better sleeps, better health.  For Diabetes Patient there is detox diet plan from start to level up.

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