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About Dr. Sunny Gupta

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Dr Sunny Gupta has brilliant experience to Analyzed clients eating habits and outlined areas for improvement. Developed goal plans with ideal changes to support wellness. Built meal plans and gave specific recipe and shopping advice. Continually motivates clients to assess progress and adjust plans.

Held nutrition workshops to support client progress and introduce new Sports Nutrition diet and Stress Management Nutrition diet to Balance Health and Wellness of Clients. Various Detoxification program are designed for PCOD, Diabetes, Thyroids and for Weight Loss!!

Dr. Sunny Gupta also conducts motivational seminars and health education seminars! Organize boot camp and group exercise event to promote healthy active lifestyle!

One of the Gujarat’s most trusted dietitcian & councelor also well known for his Detox Plans which has produced amazing results for Weight Loss. Also, awarded with
in Oct, 2021, have helped more than 1000+ people to lose weight & maintain health condition across India, Dubai, Muscat, Abu Dabhi, USA, Canada, Africa, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, Bahrain, United Kingdom & more.

Diet Plan

Weight Loss Mantra

Dr Sunny Gupta Specialize in weight loss management and detox diet. He is a pioneers in launching basic to advance level detox plans in Gujarat which demands a lot of research and study of this field. He uses a holistic approach combining nutritional therapy and exercise to provide a customized plan to clients that will restore digestive function and promote optimal health.

Dr. Sunny Gupta provides recipes based on organic and sustainable food sources which are packed with flavour and rebuild your body from inside out.

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