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is Oreo Biscuit is Good or Bad.??

The Oreo cookie has come a long way since making its national debut on March 6, 1912. As the story goes, the first Oreo Biscuits — which came in a metal canister with a glass lid — were sold to a grocer in Hoboken, N.J., for 30 cents per pound. Over the next century, the National Baking Company (later Nabisco) would introduce new flavors, sizes and styles-- but one thing would always remain the same: America just couldn't get enough of Oreo.

Today, on its 105th birthday, the Oreo is the best-selling cookie in the world. But there's more to the Oreo than just chocolate and creme filling. In fact, the story behind the Oreo is just as addictive and intriguing as the cookie itself. Oreo cookies are high in fat, sugar, and calories and excessive consumption of them can lead to many negative health effects, including weight gain and type 2 diabetes. Oreos can potentially lead to weight gain, as they have several high-calorie ingredients like sugar, enriched flour, and vegetable oil. They are also low in protein and fiber, so they may be less filling than other snacks. However, Oreos can still be eaten in moderation on a weight-loss diet. Ingredients in Cadbury Oreo biscuits:

-Refined wheat flour


-Edible vegetable fat and palmolein oil

-Cocoa solids

-Invert sugar

-Leavening agents

-Edible salt -Emulsifier "Nutritional Information of Oreo biscuits (100g)"

Nutrients Amount: Energy480 Kcal Protein5.5g Carbohydrate70.3g Fiber1.3g Fat19.7g Saturated fat15.6g Trans fat0.2g Sodium498mg How many calories are in 1 Oreo? Each regular Oreo has about 58 calories. Double Stuf Oreos have about 70 calories each. Oreo Thins have about 35 calories each. Which part of the Oreo has more calories? The cream of an Oreo has more calories than the wafers. The cream has about 36 calories per cookie, and the chocolate wafers have 22 calories. Most Oreos flavors have between 90mg and 135mg of sodium per serving (3 cookies). So, are Oreos bad for your skin? Do Oreos cause pimples? Well, for many people, yes, they may. But acne science is still a developing field. So, is it bad to eat Oreos every day? It depends on your overall diet. Eating one Oreo per day may be totally fine for most people. But eating a large plate of them every day is certainly not very healthy. FINAL CONCLUSION: Oreo biscuits can be considered safe for your health as well as your health, if consume no more than 2 biscuits per day if having it on a regular basis. Too many carbohydrates and sugar are present in these biscuits which may cause harm to your health in the near future. Also, the presence of saturated fat in these biscuits is a matter of concern. -Dr. Sunny Gupta

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Moni Bagle
Mar 25, 2023

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